Interested in Becoming an Interim Leader

If you have been a nonprofit executive, board chair, senior staff manager and have led nonprofit organizations through change, or strategic shifts, you could become qualified for a new career as an Interim Executive.  You might be ready to change your career though not ready to end serving as a nonprofit leader.   Becoming a transition consultant and/or interim executive can be of great benefit to your future nonprofit clients. 

Nonprofit clients are grateful for the leadership of a skilled, professional interim to lead them through organization and executive transitions.  They are responsive to having an independent perspective combined with knowledgeable data gathering and analysis of their organization’s stability and capacity strengths and risks.  And the boards and staffs are appreciative of someone being a partner with them to help prepare for a new leader and renewed future.

Consider working with Lift Connection and becoming trained and certified to join our network of professional interim leaders.

Working and studying with us will bring you opportunities:    

  • Building upon your nonprofit leadership experience 
  • Becoming an independent contractor working with various nonprofit organizations 
  • Using your capability to solve complex problems 
  • Leading and preparing others for organization and leadership change
  • Becoming ‘certified’ and regarded as a professional transition leader though a course of study on how to become an interim executive to nonprofits going through significant transitions